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Gen AI: the effect of the new Google and OpenAI announcements on Italian CIOs – Cyber Armada Hub


Google’s Gemini 2.0 Pro is already available to developers and in preview for premium users, while for consumers there is Gemini Advanced (1 million tokens in the context window), with which Google intends to strongly strengthen its flagship applications, namely web search and Workspace. Pichai and his team they presented [in inglese] some concrete examples, such as searching through Gmail or Photos, where you can ask to identify a detail (such as the license plate of the car to be inserted in the columns to pay for parking) or to create a story (such as the progress in a sport activity). Google managers also highlighted work features, such as meeting recording and creating highlights on Meet. All these innovations will also be brought (in the US in the summer, followed by other countries) to Android devices, unifying the landline and mobile experience – obviously, with some free features and others for a fee.


Also Murati from OpenAI he highlighted [in inglese] the applications of ChatGPT for productivity, citing the facilitated integration with the workflow and the renewed user interface for a more natural interaction, which allows you to focus on collaboration. In the demonstration provided by Murati’s team, two OpenAI engineers interacted via voice with ChatGPT, asking it to solve equations, recognize lines of code, translate simultaneously, read images and even remember the position of objects in a room. The interaction becomes a dialogue: we can stop input and output, fix the prompt, add another request, attach files. There is no perceptible latency in the response, and the model also captures the emotional nuances of the voice. Data analysis is further refined, which allows you to search through past interactions with the chatbot. ChatGPT 4o is free, but the paid version offers up to five times the capacity. The same innovations are found in the API: Mirati spoke of a “twice faster development, 50% cheaper and with rate limits five times higher than GPT4 Turbo”.


“We are in the presence of something that fully responds to different expectations, even the most demanding ones,” is Pensa’s comment. “The potential is enormous and the proof lies in the fact that every sector, from economy to production, from entertainment to research, from security to defence, are rapidly integrating AI, where it is not already present, into their various business plans” .


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