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Griezmann plays at being Griezmann and Atlético passes Getafe | Soccer | Sports – Shield Smart



When Griezmann plays at being Griezmann Atlético is another team. On the back of football and the Frenchman’s three goals, Atlético certified their qualification for the next Champions League with a very fine match, excellent at times in the few-touch combinations with which they overcame Getafe. The club’s minimum objective for prestige and economy has already been met for the peace of mind of the coach, the players, the leadership and the fans.




David Soria, Omar Alderete, Diego Rico (Juan Latasa, min. 45), José Ángel Carmona, Gastón Álvarez, Luis Milla (Yellu Santiago, min. 57), Aleñá (Jorge Martín, min. 45), Maksimovic, Óscar Rodríguez ( Alberto Risco, min. 69), Moriba Kourouma (Mata, min. 45) and Mason Greenwood




Oblak, Giménez, Marcos Llorente (Reinildo Mandava, min. 86), Mario Hermoso, Samuel Lino (Saúl, min. 76), Witsel, De Paul, Griezmann (Depay, min. 86), Pablo Barrios Rivas (Azpilicueta, min. 45), Koke and Correa (Rodrigo Riquelme, min. 67)


Goals 0-1 min. 26: Griezmann. 0-2 min. 42: Griezmann. 0-3 min. 50: Griezmann.


Referee Mario Melero López


Yellow cards Diego Rico (min. 14), Witsel (min. 16), Omar Alderete (min. 54), Giménez (min. 76), Mario Hermoso (min. 87), Yellu Santiago (min. 88) and Gastón Álvarez (min. .91)

Griezmann showed off after his modest match against Celta last Sunday. At the Getafe Coliseum he had everything he didn’t show three days ago. Suspected of being dosed with a view to the Euro Cup, he was active as a playmaker and gave continuity to the game, leaving a work of art in his first goal, an exercise in opportunism in the second and a mouser’s maneuver in the third.

The precision with which Griezmann used himself seemed to infect his teammates and discouraged a Getafe team that had started off agitating with Greenwood dancing around the Atlético defense on a patch of grass inside the area. Bordalás opted to play without pure forwards. The Alicante coach relied on the exquisite hitting of Óscar and the dribbling of Greenwood. The English winger seemed to take the match as a showcase for one of his suitors. The proposal agreed with the play of long possessions with which Getafe ruled the first minutes. Until Griezmann started playing football. Correa, Barrios, Llorente and especially De Paul followed the path set by the Frenchman. Atlético began to sew transitions and one-touch walls that ruined Getafe’s defense. In one of those twisted plays, Correa moved his marker out of position and the space that opened up was filled by Griezmann. De Paul, with the outside of his right foot, launched a delicate pass over the Getafe defense that Griezmann magnetized with the toe of his boot. The control helped him save Soria’s hesitant and late exit and score into an empty goal. Griezmann and De Paul signed a play that lived up to what is expected of them.

The feast that Atlético was beginning to have could be interrupted by an incomprehensible pass from Mario Hermoso. Falling on the left wing, he made a horizontal pass that looked more like a hanging cross to Ilaix Moriba than to a teammate. Witsel persisted with the ex-Azulgrana midfielder and the ball fell to Óscar. He left Greenwood alone at the penalty spot and Oblak could have hit the crossbar with his left footed shot.

Atlético did not lose its composure despite the scare and Griezmann reappeared. This time to culminate another good combination between Argentines. De Paul hit the ball again over the local defense and Correa extended the play below and to the far post. Griezmann was there to push the ball two minutes before half-time.

The restart was the epitaph of the match. On the first play Correa filtered a pass to Griezmann and he closed his great game by sliding the ball under Soria’s legs. The Frenchman’s third goal was his sixteenth goal in the championship and certified qualification for the major European competition. When Griezmann plays at being Griezmann everything seems easier because the ball also runs, not just the players.

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